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                    FIN oil drilling platform machines can be used in the constructure of the oil drilling platform, such as to drill the beams and the plate.

                    FIN cnc machine offer the products with function of punching, marking, shearing, drilling, milling, boring, chamfering etc. for angle bars, plate steel, I-beam, H-beam, U channel, wire bar and other metal materials. Our machines are mainly used in the areas of steel structure’ electrical tower, transmission tower, power supply equipment, steel construction industries etc.
                    FIN’s domestic market share is over 90%. FIN has already passed ISO9001 certificate (Quality system certificate) in 2006. With over 1000 employees, FIN has 3 workshops, one of them is over 260,000 sqm.

                    FIN’s CNC Drilling Machine for Beams Model SWZ1000A, CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine for Beams Model BHD1206A/3, CNC Drilling Machine for Beams Model BD1010B/3, CNC Drilling Machine for Plates Model PD1616B, CNC Double-worktable Drilling Machine for Plates Model PLD3016 and many other models are for this industry.

                    Product Catalog
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