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        CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Beams Model BHD1206/3
        CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Beams Model BHD1206/3 CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Beams Model BHD1206/3
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        The cnc machines is mainly composed of main body, CNC slipway, drilling spindle box, tool changer, clamping device, measuring device, electric system, hydraulic system, cooling system, chip box, etc..

        Three slipways are all controlled by servo motor, guided by precision linear roller guide and driven by AC servo motor and ball screw to ensure the positioning accuracy. The spindles are precision spindles with high rotary accuracy and high rigidity, and driven by servo motor, with broad scope of application, rotation speed can be stepless changed in a wide range to meet the needs of a variety of speeds.

        The vertical drilling machine is equipped with three inline type tool changers, and every tool changer can load 4 tools. While drilling, the tools can be changed automatically to meet the needs of different drilling diameters. The machine is equipped with flange width detection and web height detection device, which can effectively compensate for the deformation of the workpiece to ensure the processing accuracy.

        Seven CNC axes.
        Three servo spindles.
        Simultaneously drilling on three sides of H-beam.
        CNC system:FAGOR8070.
        High efficiency drilling machine for steel construction industry.

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