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                    CNC Band Sawing Machine For Beams Model DJ1250D
                    CNC Band Sawing Machine For Beams Model DJ1250D CNC Band Sawing Machine For Beams Model DJ1250D
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                    1-15050416111D16.jpgThis horizontal band saw machine DJ1250D can process the H beam size up to 1250 x 600mm with full-automation. The band saw mahcines mainly for sawing H-beams, channel beams etc, with strong rigidity. The band saw main motor power is 15kW. The sawing speed for this band sawing machine is 20~100m/min (The speed of the cnc band saw is adjustable).

                    The band saw production efficiency is very high. The horizontal band saw saws steadily. The band saw machine is with good appearance. The saw machine is easy to operate.

                    This band saw cutting machines constitutes of machine body, rotation worktable, sawing frame, clamping devices, cooling system, hydraulic system and electrical system and so on.

                    The vertical band saw rotatable angle range is -60°~60°. The horizontal band saw machine sawing blade size is T:1.6mm, W:67mm.  The band saw cutting machines height of worktable is 800mm.

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