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        CNC Band Sawing Machine For Beams Model DJ1250C
        CNC Band Sawing Machine For Beams Model DJ1250C CNC Band Sawing Machine For Beams Model DJ1250C
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        This vertical band saw machine DJ1250C can process the H beam size up to 1250 x 600mm with full-automation, mainly for sawing H-beams, channel beams etc, with strong rigidity bridge totally-enclosed sawing device and powerful spindle motor. The band saws can save man-made marking process, so increases production efficiency. The horizontal band saws steadily, and the sawed section is straight, with good appearance. Also, horizontal band saw machine is easy to operate, can fully satisfy customers’ needs.

        The feeding of work piece is driven by carriage.
        The machine has automatic rotating angle positioning function, the accuracy of rotating angle positioning is within 0.3 degree, both the rotating angle accuracy and efficiency are enhanced much.

        1. Large sawing section, high flatness
        2. High sawing speed with feeding speed adjusted automatically, realize reciprocating saw
        3. Automatic positioning of rotation angle
        4.The machine can be equipped with clamp carriage, realize automatical control of all the process
        5. Use touch screen to input the dimensions of the workpiece, the processing data can be shown and monitored real-time.

        Machine’s structure
        The machine is mainly composed of sawing frame, worktable, vertical feeding device, vertical pressing device, rotation worktable, carriage for feeding workpiece, hydraulic system, cooling system and electric system etc.

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