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                    CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Plates Model PHD3030A/2
                    CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Plates Model PHD3030A/2 CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Plates Model PHD3030A/2
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                    The cnc drilling machine is mainly for work-pieces like tube sheets, flange parts, slight milling and etc. Both of external cooling twist drills and internal cooling carbide drills can be adopted on this machine. Multiple drills can work simultaneously or independently, CNC control, very easy to operate, the automation, high precision, economic of scoop and mid/small production can be realized.

                    cnc drill drilling box is rigid precise spindle, BT50 inner cooling from Taiwan, attaches blowing device in spindle taper hole, able to adopt carbide drill with inner cooling head, high precision. The cnc machining equips with hydraulic tool cylinder from Taiwan, using hydraulic spring to do auto tool loosing, tool pulling, also set tool tightening monitoring device, and co-locking protecting device. The cnc drill machine is very easy to load/unload tools. The cnc precision machining spindle is driven by high-power motor especially designed for spindle.

                    FIN as the first CNC plate drilling machine manufacturers wil be your best cnc plate drilling machine suppliers. FIN wholesale cnc plate drilling machine.


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