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                    CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Plates Model PHD5050/2
                    CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Plates Model PHD5050/2 CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine For Plates Model PHD5050/2
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                    The hydraulic system uses for auto unclamping mechanic, the weight balance of ram type drilling box and high pressure locking device etc, adopts unite oil supply; all the key hydraulic parts are imported oversea or purchased from joint venture enterprises, in order to solve oil leaking and convenient to maintain, uses superimposed valves.

                    Equips with plate chain type chip conveyor, chip and coolant are collected into conveyor, and transport to cart, very easy to operate; coolant can be recycle used. Also equips with inner cooling and external cooling, there is liquid level checking device in the cooling box.
                    Equips with auto lubrication system, regularly pumps the lubricating oil into each and every parts including blocks, ball screws and bearings, avoid manual tedious lubrication work, prolong the usage life of parts

                    CNC system adopts Fagor8055 or Siemens 840Dsl, with electronic hand wheel, powerful functions, easy to operate. Equips portable computer and RS232 ports, with pre-view and re-view function, operation interface adopts human-computer dialog, error compensation, auto alarm functions, can realize CAD-CAM auto programming.


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